4 states in 2 days (keep scrolling!)

Well… I mean. Let’s be modest and realistic here. I left from Colorado early on a Saturday, drove to Kansas and slept there at night. Then, I drove south to Oklahoma’s Panhandle and made a quick detour to Texas just to be able to say I was there that weekend. Ha!

This is going to be a little bit of an unusual post. I usually break them down, but I felt you guys wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the stuff if I did. The only photos I will post separately are of Nicodemus NHS and Fort Larned NHS because… you know…. my love of the NPS stuff.

So here it is. First stop: Goodland, KS. I go on Atlas Obscura quite a bit and found this giant reproduction of a Van Gogh painting. On the way, I also spotted some Yellow-headed Blackbirds.

Then I headed to Monument Rocks. It’s on private land, but the owners are kind enough to share the site with us. I was especially amazed by the sight of shells in the rock (a testament to the rich history in the area). Beautiful.

My next stop was Nicodemus NHS, which I will feature in a separate post. In the meantime, I’m taking you to Lucas, KS. Lucas is considered to be one of Kansas’ 8 wonders because of the street art. I was fortunate enough to see a few of the art “installations.” The first one was the Garden of Eden built by S.P. Dinsmoor. It’s the oldest intact folk art environment in the US. But my visit wouldn’t have been complete without a quick stop at the world-famous public bathroom. Enjoy the go? Courtesy of charmin’ Lucas!

It was quite the day that Saturday. I then stopped in Wilson, KS and took a quick look at the Czech Egg. It’s the largest in the world so why not? You know what’s funny? The egg was cool and all, but my favorite thing was talking to the locals at the corner store. They were just so friendly. The guy even pointed out that structure across the street and said it was one of the locations for the movie Paper Moon with Tatum O’Neal. Now, you guys don’t know this and I never disclose that but I got Tatum as a middle name because (or thanks to) the famous actress. I had to take a picture of that shed (which now has a big ol’ sunflower on it).

I kept driving and slept in Great Bend. Nothing to report there, really, other than Baum’s. One of the best milkshakes I’ve ever had. I left from Great Bend in the morning and went to Fort Larned (which I will feature in a different post). From there, I went to Shattuck, OK. Pretty cool spot. There wasn’t much there other than this windmill museum. But you know what? I don’t regret driving there, It’s one of those unique things you just gotta see at least once. Oh. And then I needed to pee like crazy but couldn’t find a bathroom. I thought that Betty Boop place would be open but nope!

And then I figured being at the Houston Airport once in my life didn’t quite count as having visited Texas so I drove over to Follett, TX. It still doesn’t really count except I can tell you their accent was vastly different from the peeps’ in OK 50 miles away. It still baffles me. For the first 2 minutes, we just couldn’t understand each other. Ha!

It was about time I got back to OK and made my way home. I stumbled upon the Beaver Dunes. Absolutely gorgeous. The kind of place that made me wish I had more time to explore.

That was probably the last real stop of the trip except for when I stopped at a store and got my souvenir. Guess what I got! A miniature John Deere tractor!!!

Here is the itinerary:

Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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