Black & White Mission

It was a black & white kind of mission in San Francisco’s Mission District last week. Continue reading “Black & White Mission”


1180 Bruxelles

For those who don’t know (and I suspect there may be quite a few of you guys), 1180 is Uccle‘s zip code. What is Uccle? You ask. It’s one of the municipalities of Brussels. Continue reading “1180 Bruxelles”

La photo du mois: ajour(s)

This is my sixty-third participation in the “photo of the month” challenge. Since this is a French-speaking group, I put the translation below. On the 15th of every month, bloggers from all over the world post a photo on a predetermined subject. This month’s topic is “slit (that lets light through).” Continue reading “La photo du mois: ajour(s)”