Homo Provocatus

It’s been a long time coming and it’s time for me to present to you my newest project: Homo Provocatus.

This project focuses on the idea that human beings are indeed animals and sexual beings. This photographic series is meant to disturb the mind in a gentle way by presenting humans as beasts of all kinds. It brings humans back to their most simple form: animals. Feel free to interpret it as you wish, but it has a double meaning to me.

First, it shows a certain respect to the Animal Kingdom as a whole and puts human beings on the same level, which in and of itself can be a quite provoking thought to a lot of people.

Second, this project is a sexual commentary. The thought of mixing human bodies with animal heads and vice versa has been present in art (for example: Carol Lew‘s work) and literature (for example: mythology) for as long as we can all remember. It’s almost always associated with strength or sex or both. Human-headed creatures and animal-headed humans are often gods or the center of a battle or sexual encounter.

So what’s this project about? It’s a thought-provoking outlook on our species.

This page will eventually contain multiple slideshows with the different animal heads that I’ve chosen to photograph.


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