URBEX: Château de Noisy aka Miranda Castle

Again, I’m feeling a little nostalgic and remembering my awesome time in Belgium with my family and friends. And again, I took these photos at at undisclosed location in Belgium.

It was a great exploration, but I don’t understand why some people feel the need to destroy. Château de Noisy is part of history and has a great history of its own. I can’t believe how vandalized it is with all the tagging and demolition.

It seems like some changes are coming though. The owner said he is concerned about the safety of the people who come to see it illegally and is planning on having it demolished. He said that it would be way too expensive for anyone to buy it and get it back on its feet. Sad story… I’m glad I got a chance to see before that happens.

5 thoughts on “URBEX: Château de Noisy aka Miranda Castle

  1. I was waiting for your article to post mine. In it an interview of the Castle’s owners about his future…

    For us that was a great tie too 😉

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