Weekly photo challenge: abandoned

This is my twenty-first participation in the Weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is “abandoned,” which is perfect. You’ll know why in a second.

Sometimes, I lack inspiration for the weekly photo challenges, but it’s definitely not the case this week as I went on a little urban exploration expedition yesterday. What a nice coincidence that is!

My friend and I went to the Byron Hot Springs Hotel -an abandoned building that used to be a hotel but also a military building for torture during World War II.

I can’t tell you all the history because it is very long BUT VERY INTERESTING. So I’ll invite you to click on a few links to have a better idea of what this building used to like.  Here is an article on HubPages and here is another one on Atlas Obscura.

Unfortunately, the building has been vandalized, and there is not much left of what seems to have been a great place. I don’t really understand why people would destroy such a place. I have gone on a few urban exploration adventures, and this is by far the most vandalized building I’ve ever seen. So sad!

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