Morro Bay: a rock and Three Fingers

That probably doesn’t make any sense to most of you, so let me explain…

Morro Bay is famous (?) for its large rock right offshore of the City of Morro Bay. For those who are wondering, it’s a volcanic plug… Here, I knocked one down. But why “three fingers”? Well, because of the power plant with its three smokestacks. I didn’t make that up. That’s the name locals gave those three things.

Wanna know what’s kind of cool though? My wife and I went there on Saturday, Feb. 1. Yay!!! No, really! I kept wondering why there wasn’t any smoke coming out of the so-called Three Fingers, so I looked it up while eating a delicious Halibut sandwich. It turns out this power plant was set to cease operations in February of this year. Great coincidence! (Or maybe not…It depends who you ask.) But for the moment, the smokestacks are still a big part of the landscape, and quite frankly they didn’t bother me one bit (maybe because they were not in operation). It looks sort of surreal.

Oh. I almost forgot. Can you guys help me identify the last bird of the series. While there, I might have thought of a Canada Goose, but it’s not. It’s not white; it’s black -all black. There are lots of them of the rock, along with Pelicans.

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