Saint Patrick’s Day parade on Pi Day

I just got back from marching in the Saint Patrick’s Day parade with the San Francisco Zoo. Continue reading “Saint Patrick’s Day parade on Pi Day”


La photo entre amis: regards/look, glance

La photo entre amis is a small Facebook photo group that a friend and I just started. Each one of us gets his/her turn to pick a theme. The theme being treated here is: look/glance. Continue reading “La photo entre amis: regards/look, glance”

Show some pride (and some skin)

I know this is a little out of place cause pride month was last month, but I’m going through my old photos, and I just came across these. I took these in 2009 in San Francisco. This was taken 4 years before Prop 8 was overturned and DOMA struck down. It was a very different atmosphere back then. Continue reading “Show some pride (and some skin)”