Switzerland part II: Gruyères

Even if you are an American and know nothing about Europe (it’s not an insult. It just happens a lot), you might recognize this place’s name…From the supermarket…maybe….yeah? Got it? Continue reading “Switzerland part II: Gruyères”

Late-summer backyard stroll

I don’t know if you guys remember (probably not), but I posted something for spring as well as something for winter back in early days of this blog. Today, I took a walk (I wasn’t out of breath) around my backyard in Brussels again, and found a few things to show you guys. Continue reading “Late-summer backyard stroll”

Timon & Co.

This is the last post about Pairi Daiza‘s little friends. In this one, you’ll find Timon (from the Lion King… in person), an elephant and a sea lion. Continue reading “Timon & Co.”