URBEX: The Abandoned Crypt (part 2)

It’s almost been a year since I took the photos you are about to see.  Continue reading “URBEX: The Abandoned Crypt (part 2)”


De Wand neighborhood’s magic wand

I know the title is totally lame, but I couldn’t come up with anything cool. Continue reading “De Wand neighborhood’s magic wand”

Royal Greenhouses of Laeken: architecture and flora

Last weekend I went to the last day of the open house of the greenhouses of the Royal Palace of Belgium (click here for more info on the greenhouses and how they came to be). I had gone there once when I was little but couldn’t really remember what it was like. Continue reading “Royal Greenhouses of Laeken: architecture and flora”

Snow, I don’t miss you…(yet)!

For those who are already nostalgic of the Winter, here are a few photos taken in Belgium. I know some of you are still dealing with the last days of cold, but it’s been ok over here lately (finally!). Continue reading “Snow, I don’t miss you…(yet)!”