I found Nemo (at the Monterey Bay Aquarium)!

I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium over the weekend, and guess what! I found Nemo. Now it’s your turn. All the fishies (sic) that I liked best and that I was able to take a picture of are down below. And if you know the movie, you should also be able to spot some of Nemo’s friends. Continue reading “I found Nemo (at the Monterey Bay Aquarium)!”

Documenting the lobster killing in Spain

This was a first for me. I’m currently on vacation on the Costa Blanca in Spain, and we went to the supermarket to buy some live lobsters. We then went back home and proceeded to kill them in the kitchen with a knife. Continue reading “Documenting the lobster killing in Spain”

España: flea market and farmers market

This is yet another post about my trip to Spain. Expect a few more cause I couldn’t bring it down to a minimum. The photos are kinda cool and I want to share them with you guys. In this post, you’ll take a Friday morning walk through the flea market and the indoor/outdoor farmers market in Denia. Continue reading “España: flea market and farmers market”

España: reporting from the seafood auction

I’d never been to one of those, and it’s kind of interesting to see how it works. At the end of each day, the fishermen come back from from the sea and try to sell what they fished at the best price possible. To do so, they unload their fish from their boats and bring it to what is called the outcry market. There, professionals bid on the price of the fish. Continue reading “España: reporting from the seafood auction”

Colombia (part I): San Andres

This post is the first of a series of four. Each of these three posts will be about a city in Colombia. This one is about San Andres -an island in the northwestern part of the country. What I like most about these pictures is the many shades of blue there are. Continue reading “Colombia (part I): San Andres”