Weekly photo challenge: unexpected

This is my seventh participation in the Weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is “unexpected.” Continue reading “Weekly photo challenge: unexpected”

(Non-edible) mushrooms

Actually, I don’t know whether they are edible or not. I’m no mushroom expert, so I’ll just guess we better all stay away from them. If you happen to know what these are, please feel free to jump in! Continue reading “(Non-edible) mushrooms”

La photo du mois: ensemble

This is my seventh participation in the “photo of the month” challenge. Since this is a French-speaking group, I put the translation below. On the 15th of every month, bloggers from all over the world post a photo on a predetermined subject. This month’s topic is “together.” Continue reading “La photo du mois: ensemble”

Bay Bridge by night (and some…)

Last weekend, I finally went to the Bay Bridge at night to check out the Bay Lights installation. This little night adventure allowed me to realize I probably need to buy a new tripod that will be able to hold my D7000 and the 28-300 lens that is attached to it. Ha!

Continue reading “Bay Bridge by night (and some…)”

Oakland’s Produce and Waterfront District

I don’t even know if the Produce and Waterfront District is actually a thing. I looked it up on a real estate website. I guess those websites get it wrong a lot when it comes to naming neighborhoods, but I’m just going to have to trust them for now. Continue reading “Oakland’s Produce and Waterfront District”