Koala “bears” are not bears!

(But they are cute!) Continue reading “Koala “bears” are not bears!”


Death Valley makes me feel alive

I’m about to tell you about one of the hottest places on the planet as it is pouring rain outside in San Francisco. Death Valley is a personal favorite! Continue reading “Death Valley makes me feel alive”

Weekly photo challenge: eerie

This is my fourth participation in the Weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is eerie. Continue reading “Weekly photo challenge: eerie”

Weekly photo challenge: horizon

This is my third participation in the Weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is horizon. Continue reading “Weekly photo challenge: horizon”

La photo entre amis: la rentrée/back to school

La photo entre amis is a small Facebook photo group that a friend and I just started. Each one of us gets his/her turn to pick a theme. The theme being treated here is: going back to school in 1 to 5 photos. Continue reading “La photo entre amis: la rentrée/back to school”

California freezing

I went to California last February, and it was… freezing! (Except in San Francisco.) Continue reading “California freezing”

Southern Belgium: Temploux

I have two aunts. One lives in Switzerland. The other one lives in Temploux near Namur in Southern Belgium. I go visit her sometimes. The last time I went there in the winter, my aunt and I went on a little walk, and I snapped a few pictures. Here they are! Continue reading “Southern Belgium: Temploux”