San Jose: No way, Jose!

When I first went to San Jose, I thought it was a joke! I mean, really! I lived in Cupertino at the time, and I thought “there are two big cities around here: San Francisco and San Jose. Let’s check them out!” Yeah. Right. San Jose doesn’t even have its own mall. Continue reading “San Jose: No way, Jose!”

Downtown Brussels by night

Last week, I went downtown with a couple friends to celebrate the first day of “Spring” in Brussels. It was the first time we could actually enjoy walking around without freezing. Continue reading “Downtown Brussels by night”

Charleroi: mine region remains

Last December, I visited the Charleroi region (Belgium) for the first time. I know it sounds weird because I lived in this tiny country for 18 years before moving to the U.S. in 2005, but it just might be because that region doesn’t sound that appealing (at first) to most people. It actually doesn’t even sound that appealing “at second” to most people. However, I learned a lot about the past and what used to make that region so wealthy. Thousands of miners would go down to extract coal out of the mines. Continue reading “Charleroi: mine region remains”