La photo du mois: transformation

This is my eighty-second participation in the “photo of the month” challenge. Since this is a French-speaking group, I put the translation below. On the 15th of every month, bloggers from all over the world post a photo on a predetermined subject. This month’s topic is “transformation.” Continue reading “La photo du mois: transformation”

Paris, je t’aime (part I): le Père Lachaise

Haha. Not so sure about the title here, but hey. I just went with a big ol’ cliché. It’s actually been a while since I went on this trip. I went there with my girlfriend over the summer. But you know how it goes. Things get in the way, and you just never get to take the time to post the Paris pictures. Anyway. Continue reading “Paris, je t’aime (part I): le Père Lachaise”