Weekly photo challenge: the hue of you

This is my second participation in the Weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is the hue of you, meaning you have to present a photo with a predominant color that represents you, your mood or your state of mind. Continue reading “Weekly photo challenge: the hue of you”

La photo entre amis: contraste / contrast

La photo entre amis is a small Facebook photo group that a friend and I just started. Each one of us gets his/her turn to pick a theme. The theme being treated here is:contrast (not light contrast). Continue reading “La photo entre amis: contraste / contrast”

Brugge: the Venice of the North

I’ve never been to Venice so I guess I’ll just have to take their word for it. Bruges is also called the Venice of the North for it has a lot of man-made canals. Continue reading “Brugge: the Venice of the North”