San Francisco Maritime: a ship sanctuary

Still on a mission to get all the passport stamps from the NPS. We are far from complete, but the Western Region is starting to look pretty full. Continue reading “San Francisco Maritime: a ship sanctuary”

San Francisco by the docks

Well. I don’t really know how to start. I was supposed to get on a plane back to my country (Belgium) this morning… but obviously didn’t since I’m writing this. My girlfriend proposed to me about 10 days ago so we are going to get married. Continue reading “San Francisco by the docks”

Paris, je t’aime (part IV): On a walk from Bastille to Les Halles

This was actually a much longer walk because we walked from Bastille to Arc de Triomphe. But I’m thinking you guys could get out of breath if we don’t take a break halfway. So in the post, you’ll see photos taken at Bastille, by the Seine, at Notre-Dame de Paris all the way to Centre Georges Pompidou and Les Halles. Continue reading “Paris, je t’aime (part IV): On a walk from Bastille to Les Halles”