UPDATED: Banksy in San Francisco —or the best hide-and-seek game

UPDATE: Jeremy Novy got back to me and said the other pieces were vandalized and couldn’t be fixed. Read what follows, keeping that info in mind.
Banksy, a street artist with an international reputation, just finished a month long residency in NYC. For a while that’s all we could hear and read about . Even Justin Bieber managed to get some of the Banksy hype. Continue reading “UPDATED: Banksy in San Francisco —or the best hide-and-seek game”

I found Nemo (at the Monterey Bay Aquarium)!

I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium over the weekend, and guess what! I found Nemo. Now it’s your turn. All the fishies (sic) that I liked best and that I was able to take a picture of are down below. And if you know the movie, you should also be able to spot some of Nemo’s friends. Continue reading “I found Nemo (at the Monterey Bay Aquarium)!”

Paris, je t’aime (part V): On a walk from the Louvre to Arc de Triomphe

This post will take you on the second part of the walk from Bastille to Arc de Triomphe. Did you appreciate the break in the middle? Continue reading “Paris, je t’aime (part V): On a walk from the Louvre to Arc de Triomphe”

Oostende: Avec la Mer du Nord pour dernier terrain vague…

… Et des vagues de dunes pour arrêter les vagues
Et de vagues rochers que les marées dépassent
Et qui ont à jamais le cœoeur à marée basse Continue reading “Oostende: Avec la Mer du Nord pour dernier terrain vague…”

Find the odd one out

This is the second post I’m publishing on Pairi Daiza. Can you please help me identify some of the birds in the photos below. Continue reading “Find the odd one out”

Cranes are not only for building

Below, you’ll find photos of cranes taken at Pairi Daiza -a zoo in Southern Belgium. I don’t usually like visiting zoos because I don’t think it’s necessary to keep animals captive. (Unless it’s for the purpose of saving a species). But this park is a little different, and they even take elephants on a walk around facilities once the visitors are all gone at night. Continue reading “Cranes are not only for building”

Spain: a potpourri of Denia and Alicante

I had the opportunity to go back to Spain a couple weeks ago and took a few photos, though a lot fewer than the first time I went this year. Continue reading “Spain: a potpourri of Denia and Alicante”