Long-billed Curlews spotted at Morro Bay

I went to Morro Bay yesterday and couldn’t resist taking a few photos… Surprising! Yeah? The photos featured in this post are only of the Long-Billed Curlews. I will post more photos of Morro Bay later. Continue reading “Long-billed Curlews spotted at Morro Bay”

UPDATED: Banksy in San Francisco —or the best hide-and-seek game

UPDATE: Jeremy Novy got back to me and said the other pieces were vandalized and couldn’t be fixed. Read what follows, keeping that info in mind.
Banksy, a street artist with an international reputation, just finished a month long residency in NYC. For a while that’s all we could hear and read about . Even Justin Bieber managed to get some of the Banksy hype. Continue reading “UPDATED: Banksy in San Francisco —or the best hide-and-seek game”