Oakland’s Produce and Waterfront District

I don’t even know if the Produce and Waterfront District is actually a thing. I looked it up on a real estate website. I guess those websites get it wrong a lot when it comes to naming neighborhoods, but I’m just going to have to trust them for now. Continue reading “Oakland’s Produce and Waterfront District”

UPDATED: Banksy in San Francisco —or the best hide-and-seek game

UPDATE: Jeremy Novy got back to me and said the other pieces were vandalized and couldn’t be fixed. Read what follows, keeping that info in mind.
Banksy, a street artist with an international reputation, just finished a month long residency in NYC. For a while that’s all we could hear and read about . Even Justin Bieber managed to get some of the Banksy hype. Continue reading “UPDATED: Banksy in San Francisco —or the best hide-and-seek game”

Halloween: oranges vs. pumpkins

All right! I know I’m not in the habit of posting two sets of pictures a day, I felt like I need to make an exception. Being from Belgium and being part of that older generation, I never really celebrated Halloween as a kid. Continue reading “Halloween: oranges vs. pumpkins”

Paris, je t’aime (part IV): On a walk from Bastille to Les Halles

This was actually a much longer walk because we walked from Bastille to Arc de Triomphe. But I’m thinking you guys could get out of breath if we don’t take a break halfway. So in the post, you’ll see photos taken at Bastille, by the Seine, at Notre-Dame de Paris all the way to Centre Georges Pompidou and Les Halles. Continue reading “Paris, je t’aime (part IV): On a walk from Bastille to Les Halles”