Puggy from the front row

You’ve seen Stromae from the front row. Now, it’s Puggy‘s turn! Continue reading “Puggy from the front row”


Stromae from the front row

After having waited for over 6 hours at the Grand Place in Brussels, I finally got to see Stromae (and other bands and singers I’ll share the pictures of later). Every year on September 27, Brussels and Wallonia celebrate the French-speaking community. This year, they had a free concert with artists from Belgium, namely Brussels and Wallonia. Continue reading “Stromae from the front row”

The Offspring were pretty fly

This post is more about the experience than the photography. I found these old (not so old) photos in a folder from 2009. The Offspring gave a free concert at the Warfield in San Francisco on July 31, and a friend of mine was able to get tickets. Ha! Anyway, these photos were taken with a point-and-shoot, thus the first sentence. Continue reading “The Offspring were pretty fly”

Miss Chiwa: the new canine mascot

(Scroll down for clickable photos)
I can’t really decide whether this post is about a dog or about the dog’s owners. Maybe it’s because the dog and the dog’s owner make one -one (happy) little family of three.

Miss Chiwa - 1Joseph Guns and Sylvana Sonzogni live in Tamines, a little city between Charleroi and Namur in Southern Belgium. Guns and Miss Chiwa met Sylvana five years ago. While Guns and Sylvana got along right off the bat, Miss Chiwa had a harder time adjusting to her master’s new companion. Continue reading “Miss Chiwa: the new canine mascot”

Happy birthday Belgium!

Not only is Belgium celebrating its Independence Day today, but it’s also celebrating the arrival of a new king. Earlier this month, Albert II announced that he was going to abdicate and let his son Philippe take over. Today, Philippe de Belgique became the seventh king of Belgium. Continue reading “Happy birthday Belgium!”

JCVD is honored by the Westland Shopping

Considered to be the dumbest or the wisest person -depending on who you ask- Jean-Claude Van Damme might just be the most successful Belgian in the United States. Continue reading “JCVD is honored by the Westland Shopping”