Inspiration: Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Magritte and Monet

I am starting a new series called Inspiration. I’ve been meaning to execute this project for a long time but never had the time.

The series is called Inspiration for multiple reasons. The obvious one is that I am recreating famous paintings in a photographic form, trying to be as close to the original as possible. I am inspired by the famous artists behind the paintings. Another reason is that I got the inspiration for this project from Gilles Perraguin, a friend of my parents’ who also happens to be one my biggest inspirations as a photographer in general.

The following photos are sometimes (most of the time) composites of multiple photographs that are put together and reworked in Photoshop.

It is to be noted that the paintings are only posted as reference for comparison with no intention of infringing any copyright laws.

Michelangelo: “The Creation of Adam”

René Magritte: “The Treachery of Images”

Vincent van Gogh: Self-portrait (1889)

René Magritte: “The Son of Man”

Claude Monet: “The Rock Needle Seen Through The Porte d’Aval”

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