Western Slope adventures

I’ll have to post a map of the itinerary at the bottom of this post to show you guys what the adventures entailed. Such a fun trip!

We first stopped by Climax, CO. “Climax was an unincorporated mining village and a former U.S. Post Office located in Lake County, Colorado, United States. Climax is known for its large molybdenum ore deposit. Climax is located along the Continental Divide at an elevation of about 11,360 feet.” –Wikipedia.

Then we made our way to Leadville on our way to the ghost town of St. Elmo. The town is privately owned but largely subsidized because it is a national historic site. Read more about it here.

Then we hit up a couple breweries in Salida and Poncha Springs before heading over to Curecanti National Recreation Area and Black Canyon of the Gunnison (both featured in separate posts). Our last stop of the day was Montrose, CO where we stopped by a couple breweries (again…).

We left in the morning and headed towards Delta, CO where we saw the Ute Council Tree. And I think our next stop may have been my favorite part of the trip: Marble, CO! So cool!

We then made our way back to I-70 through Redstone where we got to see the old coke ovens. One more stop in Eagle and then in Frisco for some brews and we were back home!

Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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