Mental break at Mussel Rock Park

One day, one of my employees felt pretty bad about himself and had just broken up with his girlfriend.

I could just tell he wasn’t really working and couldn’t focus on anything. Why force it? Some days are harder than others and you just need a mental break. We both love photography, so I asked him to stop what he was doing. I told him it could wait til the morning. He looked at me weird. Well… yeah. I was basically asking him to stop working while on the clock (Don’t freak out. He only had an hour or two worth of work left). I told him to grab his camera gear and to jump in my car. We went to Mussel Rock in Daly City and just took pictures. He shared what was bothering him. We had a great picture day and an even better human day. Ha! The views were amazing as usual on the California Coast. The next day, he (and I) went back to work with a clearer mind and ready to tackle the craziness.

Such a good dude!

Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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