Where Coca-Cola gets its own fix

I’m a huge Coke addict. Yeah that sounds kind of bad so I’ll probably have to explain.

I drink so much Diet Coke (relax!) that I thought I’d get a 20 oz. bottle of Diet Coke barcode on my back about 10 years ago. It scans too. Yeah. You know… Spare the comments. Ha!

We stopped in Mountain View, MO for a night on our way to Branson back in September and noticed a bunch of Coca-Cola vending machines on the side of Highway 60. Odd. We left our suitcases at the hotel and then ended up eating right next door at The Main Event. It turns out smoking is still allowed at bars in Missouri. I mean… Welcome back to the 80s! It just so happened that our bartender used to work at the Coca-Cola vending machine hospital next door until it (temporarily) shut down earlier this year because of Covid-19. They have placed about 120 employees on temporary lay-offs starting in June. Royal Remanufacturing is a division of Royal Vendors headquartered in West Virginia. They are not sure they will be able to call any of those employees back within the allotted 6 months.

Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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