The Littleton cannibalism case

Yeah you read that right. The story is old but still. I did a little alternative tourism as my friend and I call it yesterday and visited the Littleton, CO Cemetery.

It all started by me scrolling down pages and pages of Atlas Obscura locations in the state of Colorado only to realize that I really didn’t want to drive far from home. I looked up Littleton, and there are two locations right here in my city, one of which is Alfred Packer’s grave at the Littleton Cemetery.

Yeah I know. Somewhat of a macabre excursion but, hey, it’s nice to know your surroundings. But why that grave? Well, it gets even more macabre. Packer was a convicted cannibal. Yeah, I know. Again, pretty dark stuff. In short, he was convicted, spent 40 years in prison only to be paroled and released. No one will ever know whether he committed the crime or not, but there is extensive literature on the case. It’s worth reading!

Also, the guy was a veteran so the military paid for his funeral and tombstone. I was a little surprised to see all that change and “decorations.” I wonder if the people of Littleton feel that he may not, in fact, be guilty of the crime. Who knows? I’m not sure I even want to find out. I mean it’s not like I want to ask people about that 19th century cannibal the next time I go to the supermarket. Oh, and one side note: What’s up with that ECV pin. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure this may be tied to the E Clampus Vitus, aka the Clampers. It is a fraternal organization dedicated to the preservation of the heritage of the American West and partcularily gold mining. I guess it would make sense since Packer was a gold prospector… maybe. There is actually a local chapter called the Al Packer Chapter #100. Not too far fetched…

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