Ever heard of Frederick Cody?

No? Pretty sure you have… but you most certainly know him as Buffalo Bill.

I took my car for a quick ride north to Lookout Mountain near Golden, CO. There I saw incredible views and Buffalo Bill’s grave. I learned a ton about the guy.

Fun facts: He was awarded the Medal of Honor by Congress in 1872. He was a patriot and started all his show with “The Star Spangled Banner” long before it became the national anthem. He was an activist who advocated for American Indians’ and women’s equal rights. He visited 14 countries and 1,400 cities in a 30-year span. He employed people from all inhabited continents. He was an environmentalist who called for the preservation of the Buffalo, other will animals, and places like the Grand Canyon.

Did you know? Not far from Lookout Mountain is the Buffalo Herd Overlook. I’ve stopped there a couple times but not today. The buffalo herd is maintained there in a natural setting by the City and County of Denver. The buffalo are direct descendants of the last wild buffalo herd left in America. Pretty cool. I’ll have to visit those fellas again soon.

Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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