Obscure castle visit

One of the things I like to do when I visit an area is look at the Atlas Obscura website and see the weird stuff around me.

I also have the book, but it’s not nearly as complete… I can’t remember whether the Bishop Castle in Rye, CO was featured in the book or if this was a website find. Either way, here is the link in the event that you want to risk your life at the top one of its towers 😉

All jokes aside, I saved face because my girlfriend was visibly not ok, but I was mortified. Not sure the castle is structurally sound and definitely not up to code. But hey, it’s a pretty cool experience.

Read more about the architect, Jim Bishop, on the Gazette. The guy’s been at it for over 50 years… (oh and I saw him during my visit).

The sun was definitely out, and it was way too bright to get nice shots… but here is what I got anyway…


4 thoughts on “Obscure castle visit

  1. Coucou Morgane. Quelle expérience ! J’aurais adoré voir cela. Découvrir Betty Boop dans les vitraux c’est surréaliste. J’adore. J’ai presque tout compris, sauf les références de bouquins. J’avais un livre, cela date de 1980, la Belgique insolite et aussi mystérieuse. Avec l’énigme de Cambron-Casteau près des casernes. Bisous. Geneviève

    1. Salut Geneviève! J’espère que tu vas bien. Atlas Obacura est un livre mais aussi un site web comme tu as pu le voir. Je suis sure qu’il y a des choses référencées en Belgique aussi. C’est d’ailleurs curieux. Je n’ai jamais regardé. Ha. Bisous. Morgane.

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