Channel Islands: Anacapa

Here is something I had always wanted to do… visit the Channel Islands.

And I did it! Well… one of them. I have to say I got lucky because I managed to squeeze that into the schedule about a month before everything shut down. I’ve been visiting lighthouses up and down the west coast, and Anacapa Island is home to one of them. It still baffles me that Anacapa is just 13 miles off the California coast and yet you’d think that it’s in another country altogether. So pretty!

I took the boat to the island in the morning and came back that same day. That’s more than enough time to walk the entire island and then some. The views are absolutely breathtaking. The only thing is, the seagulls tend to finally get on your nerves at some point. There are thousands of them. It’s truly impressive.

Anacapa actually comprises three islets, and I invite you to read more about the fauna and flora of the island on the NPS website. There is also some really good information about Native Americans and their presence on the island some 5,000 years ago. Happy reading!

In the meantime, here are some photographs I took during my visit. The light was pretty harsh, but the views make up for that, I think.

4 thoughts on “Channel Islands: Anacapa

    1. You can definitely go on the islands. I was on Anacapa myself as you may have seen from my photos. Its all managed by the NPS, but the boat “tours” are sold by private companies

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