In cannabis we trust… and believe

… well, not exactly. It’s more like “in cannabis they trust” because I don’t… as you guys may or may not know.

But regardless, this place is pretty cool. I found it on Atlas Obscura about a week ago and made some time this weekend to visit. It’s called The International Church of Cannabis and is located in Denver. They do a 25-minute light show inside the church with all kinds of semi-psychedelic animations. Priscilla, the director of the church, said it took the founder over 160 hours to compose the animation. I’d say I could have lived with about half the length of the whole thing, but it’s very impressive nonetheless. Love the music they picked too. Please note that there is actually no weed smoking during their Beyond light show. So I guess you can technically bring your kids, but the smell is still very potent. Do what you wish with that info.

I encourage you to visit their website to learn more about their movement and the building itself (link above). Though I will probably never subscribe to a church (let alone a cannabis church), the show brings up a few good points about faith.


Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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