Crazy Horse without the horse

Yeah well. Shit happens as they say, and they haven’t gotten to sculpting the horse part yet… but maybe one day.

Ok. So here is the the thing. I respect the culture and heritage of Native Americans. I do. But man is this thing taking forever to get built. They started in 1948…. and still no horse. Please visit the Crazy Horse website for all the info. Below, you’ll find a picture of the carving in its current state as well as a replica of it to scale (1/34). Will this memorial ever be completed? Probably not in my lifetime at this pace… The museum is still pretty cool though. And it’s also very close to Mount Rushmore.


2 thoughts on “Crazy Horse without the horse

  1. We felt the same way when we saw Crazy Horse, and the we asked ourselves if maybe the intent is NIT to finish. After all, they’re making money now. If they finish, will the other moneymakers on that property continue to draw people in? Not sure how long it took to create Mt. Rushmore, but considerably less time than it is to keep carving away at CH!

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