Not-so-secluded Antelope Canyon

You always see those photos of Antelope Canyon online and think it’s remote and you’ll be the only one around…

Think again! Antelope Canyon is on Navajo land and is, in my opinion, over exploited. They shove you in an all-terrain truck and drive you to the slot canyons. Nothing too crazy until you get to the canyons and realize that there are hundreds of other people there.

But then how do people even get photos where it seems like they are all by themselves? Well… the Navajo have mastered the art of photography and know precisely what to do to make your photographs look exactly the way they want them to. They make people wait so there is no one but you in the photos. They go as far as telling you which setting to use on your own camera (DSLR or smart phone) so the light and colors look almost better than the real thing (if that’s even possible). I mean! Thank you, sir. I think I got that covered.

Would I go back? Probably… not sure. It’s one of those things you have to do once in your life and then you are set. I’d go back for the canyons, which are stunning, but without the people. It really ruins the experience. I get it. We are all here trying to make a buck, but some things need to remain sacred, methinks.

Oh and you’ll see a couple of other photos: one of the sunset at Horseshoe Bend and one of the Salt River Project-Navajo Generating Station. The plant seems to have closed in November 2019, only a couple months after my visit to Page, AZ.

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