URBEX: Pinguin Military Base

By now, you know that a trip to Belgium means getting together with my good friend and partner in crime Seb and doing some alternative “tourism.”

Belgium has a lot to offer when it comes to urban exploration. I’m not sure what that says about the country as a whole (if anything), but it sure makes urban explorators from around the world happy. In an effort to follow urbex protocole, I will not disclose the location of this urbex spot in my post, but it is already past the decaying stage. It’s simply all gone except for the buildings themselves.

The Pinguin Military Base (not its actual name as you may have guessed) is one of Belgium’s oldest bases and was built in 1922. Although the buildings are still owned by the military, they were abandoned in 1996 when they decided to consolidate their training facilities in Beauvechain.

The base is still in use for civilian activities but rarely gets any attention from the Belgian military. Well, you can tell by looking at the state of the buildings. It’s very much abandoned. Everything has been gutted out by squatters, including the old air traffic control equipment. All that’s left is interesting patterns in the peeling wallpaper, cool shadows and colors.

Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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