Yellowstone: Grizzly Bear

Second bear encounter of the year (and of my life)!

Last year, I rode in an ambulance twice, which were the first two times of my life. This year, I opted for something much cooler: I saw a bear twice! The first time was in Minnesota (may have been Wisconsin. I don’t remember exactly). The second time was at Yellowstone National Park. The year is far from over…

We encountered this nice fellow on our very first day in the park as the sun was setting. There were a bunch of cars pulled over on the side of the road for no apparent reason, but I decided to stop anyway. At first, we saw deer, but I knew that couldn’t be the reason why all these people were staring at the ditch. And there it was, playing around: a grizzly bear. You have to be careful in trying to identify bears at Yellowstone. There are two species of bears in the park: grizzlies and black bears. However, you can’t rely on the color of their coat to identify them! I think I’ve got this one right, though. Grizzlies often have a hump on their back, which black bears don’t have.

This guy was just far enough for us to take photos of it safely (a little too far for very high quality photographs with a 70-300mm lens).

Yellowstone: Grizzly BearYellowstone: Grizzly Bear

Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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