Yellowstone: Bye-son!

Get too close and… Bye-son! Get it?! Ok I’m done. Ha!

Well really though. Meeting with bison in person was the most beautiful yet terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced. And I’m barely exaggerating. We definitely respected the warnings and didn’t intentionally get close to the bison, but I’m not sure those guys know how to read. The bison definitely don’t mind getting close to you at times. I can tell you one thing: They are wild and you do not want to get too close to them -ever!

Yellowstone is home to close to 5,000 of them. They were fine most of the time, but I can recall two instances where I would have been fine with them being a little farther away from me. They were crossing the road but decided to do so right in front of my car. Then some guy in a Jeep thought it’d be a good idea to leave no space for the bison to go anywhere. At some point, one of them was charging straight ahead in the direction of my car. I almost sh*t my pants. These guys are heavy and could crush anything and anyone. They were a little too close for comfort if you ask me.

So. They are beautiful, and you should definitely take a good look at them while you have a chance in the park, but leave them alone. Don’t take selfies with them. They are camera shy anyway. Don’t taunt them in any way. It’s their home and you are barely invited. Don’t overstay your welcome if you know what I mean.

Just today, one guy thought it’d be a good idea to taunt one in the middle of the road corrida style (with less style) and had a very close call. One word: idiot!

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