Smog Lake City?

I had no idea this was even an issue in Salt Lake City, but I did notice the smog as I was driving next to Salt Lake on our way out of town.

Salt Lake City was sort of in the plans on our way back to California from Yellowstone, but I never thought we’d be able to make it. Well, we made it happen. We stayed there overnight and did some quick sightseeing before hitting the road back toward Nevada.

We saw Salt Lake Temple and its famous Tabernacle. Then, we hopped back in the car and did a quick tour of the city where we saw Union Pacific Depot and some of the more industrial areas as well as what looked like some of the nicer areas. One thing we noticed is that the houses seem to all have different styles of architecture even when on the same street right next to each other. Interesting.

Oh one last thing before I let you look at the photographs: As I was driving on Highway 89 next to the Great Salt Lake, I noticed some strange sculptures and stuff. You’ll see one of them as you look at the slideshow. The one I am showing you here is called Metaphor: The Tree of Utah.



Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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