You are not stinky enough until…

… you’ve gone to the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

Seriously though. That’s almost the whole point of the festival. If you are not stinky, then you are not doing it right. This year was the 40th anniversary and my very first time at the festival. I had a really great time and took some photos of the event.

We got to see Iron Chef Michael Symon as well as Alexis Higgins, contestant on Master Chef Junior. We also saw Don Christopher, the original founder of the festival and founder of Christopher Ranch, and his grandson and CR’s Executive Vice President Ken Christopher on the Cook-off Stage.

We got there extra early (the third car in line to get into the parking lot) and enjoyed some free garlic ice cream before heading over to get a garlic beer and garlic mule. Then we watched the Pyro Chefs make the famous calamari before sitting down by the cook-off stage and watched the chefs do their thing. Pretty cool!

The last thing was to get some garlicky food in our bellies. We got an awesome plate at Gourmet Alley.

Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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