L’Etoile du Nord: St. Paul

Last pit stop before dropping off my girlfriend at the airport: St. Paul.

I don’t know why but I almost feel like Minneapolis’ twin, St. Paul, is more vibrant than Minneapolis itself. Maybe it’s just me, but I just found more bars and stuff see there than in the big city. St. Paul and Minneapolis almost reminded me of San Francisco and Oakland a bit. They are so dependent on bridges. Oh and St. Paul is said to be “the most livable city in America.” Ha!

We first got a glimpse of the Mississippi River between the Robert St. N bridge and the Wabasha Ave S. bridge. After that, we ate a German Wurst with a nice beer to fill our bellies and then went on a walk around the Cathedral Hill area. The Cathedral of Saint Paul towers the city and sits up on a hill, which makes it seem even bigger. We walked all the way up the hill to get the best shots. 😉


Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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