Steel Horse from the front row

The “from the front row” series is back with these guys who play the music of Bon Jovi with so much heart that everyone is dancing almost as soon as they get on stage!

My coworker is the lead singer of Steel Horse, a band based out of Morgan Hill, CA that plays the music of Bon Jovi, so I thought I’d take a few shots. This past Sunday they were playing at the 44th Annual Sunnyvale Art, Wine, and Music Festival.

Bon Jovi is now officially super cool and made it to the Rock Hall of Fame earlier this year. He no longer has to be Living’ on a Prayer.

Back to the Steel Horse boys now. They are fun to watch and play all around the SF Bay Area so make sure to go see them when they pass by your hometown! Check out their website for upcoming shows. You can also Like their Facebook Page to follow them around.

Band members:
Lead Singer: Jorge Briones — Guitar: Dave Kester — Bass: Forest Wilson
Drums: Scott Wenholtz — Keyboard and Violin: Stephanie Patereau
Sound: Steve Cardinale


Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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