Sequoia National Park

Two days, two parks: Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park. Not at all disappointed.

What was going to be just a short trip to Sequoia NP ended up being a full weekend of Sequoias, waterfalls, meadows, Sequoia National Forest, etc.

First day: Sequoia National Park. I’d been meaning to go there for years, but you know how it goes. When something is just in your backyard, you just put it off. Well, that has now been resolved.

Below, you’ll see a few photos from the road leading to the park before you see all the big trees and stuff.


3 thoughts on “Sequoia National Park

      1. The being (human) is not always tender with the others and with what one gives him.
        He takes, he takes but does not always do, nor does he take care of it.
        Last week I walked in an arboretum and I was able to shake a trunk of green sequoia in my arms …. I realized this dream for failing to see these redwood forests in America.

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