URBEX: D7500-ing Pier 70

Urban Dictionary definition of D7500-ing: Taking photos with a Nikon D-7500 while discovering a new place.

Clear enough. For those who follow my Facebook page, you know that my D7000 fell to its death about two weeks ago. I just received my new camera a few days ago and took it for spin over the weekend. My friend and I explored and abandoned warehouse at San Francisco’s Pier 70.

Pier 70 is now mostly abandoned as developers are working on a new project to revitalize the place. You can read all about the project online (not putting the link here ’cause this post is none of their business -although I have to say there was no sign of any kind and no guard). The way I see it is Pier 70 is going to be like Pier 39 but for locals. It’s kind of a short cut, but it’s the best I can think of.

I only used a basic lens as I was trying to get familiar with the slightly different interface and the new features. I still have a lot to learn, but here is the first go-round.

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