Aloha: a helicopter ride

This definitely goes down as one of the most majestic things I have seen in my life -Kauai from the sky!

I’ve seen a lot of things on lots of continents, but Kauai is truly spectacular with so much of it being untouched. A lot of it is actually privately owned and is not accessible to tourists, believe it or not. So really the only way to see this stuff is by getting on a helicopter and see it from above.

Fun fact: Steven Spielberg had to ask permission from the Robinson Family to go land by the waterfall in Jurassic Park, because that whole land belongs to them. Many other places owned by families that have owned the land for over a century. However, only 1% of the island still belongs to the original Hawaiians. Sad.

Also, the pictures don’t really do Kauai justice, although we were lucky enough to get a front seat on the helicopter.

The following photographs are of the Robinson Family land, the Na Pali Coast, the old volcano, etc.

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