Evergreen Everett, forever resting

Many notables call Evergreen Cemetery their resting place so I had to check it out when I was in Washington back in May.

About the cemetery

The cemetery is located in Everett and is the final resting place of “50,000 men, women, and children that are buried [there]. Their stories and lives are a vital part the colorful heritage and history of Everett. Of the thousands interred, Evergreen Cemetary counts a victim of the 1916 Everett Massacre and several victims of the 1910 Wellington Avalanche Disaster among its numbers. Of equal importance are the scores of regular citizens buried within—teachers, photographers, saloon owners, doctors, bankers—who made valuable contributions to the Everett community.

Also of interest are the burials of individuals who connect Everett to historic events on a national scale. Approximately 150 veterans of the American Civil War, four governors (from Washington, Minnesota, and the Dakota Territories), two United States Senators, and the great-great-great grandmother of President Barack Obama call Evergreen their final resting place.” –Word Walk About.

Rucker Tomb

The most famous tomb is probably the Rucker Tomb for its pyramidal shape but also because it is the tomb of Everett’s founders. “The Rucker Tomb is a 30-foot granite pyramid located in the Evergreen Cemetery in Everett, Washington. It was built in 1907 by members of the Rucker family. The Ruckers were among the founding families of Everett. They also owned the Everett-Monte Cristo Railway. There are 22 crypts in the pyramid. About half are occupied. Members of the Rucker family still live in the area.

The giant mausoleum cost $30,000 to build, which was a fortune at the time. The door is four inches thick and made of granite brought from Maine.

In 1995 Evergreen Cemetery was the location for a scene in the movie “Assasins” which starred Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas. The movie includes a shoot-out scene at the graveyard. The story is about an experienced hitman (Stallone), who wants out of the business, and the younger assassin (Banderas) who is trying to kill min.

Sadly, in 2008 vandals maliciously caused $12,000 in damages to Evergreen Cemetery by destroying headstones and in trying unsuccessfully to enter the Rucker Tomb. According to The Herald, the granite face plate was shattered and a handle on one of the coffins inside was removed.” –Mouthpiece Notes.

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