Crater Lake (without the wildfire smoke)

I had been there in 2012 but really couldn’t take not all in as the entire area was affected by wildfires…

This time around, it was so clear! The view is magnificent, but I gotta say… my favorite (although VERY strenuous) part is still the hike that gives all the way down to the lake. Whatever goes up must come down, and whatever goes down must come up as well. The hike can be a little rough on the knees on the way down and definitely hard one the legs and the shortness of breath on the way back up, but it’s totally worth it! The bad part is… I didn’t’t take my camera on that bike, knowing how hard it was.

Anyway, there are still plenty of pictures to enjoy regardless, and Crater Lake is just one of those places. You just can’t get enough of it, snd you are always bound to go back sooner or later.


Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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