Boeing: planes are green at birth

I went to Washington again for training last month and decided to stay through the weekend again.

On Friday night, I made my way to my hotel located in Everett, WA. Once there, I decided I should probably get out of my room and explore a bit so I went to a cemetery (photos will follow) as well as the town of Everett proper.

The next day, I woke up bright and early and went on the Boeing factory tour. Unfortunately, I can’t really show you much of the inside of the factory because all cameras and cellphones are strictly prohibited from entering the facility. All I can tell you is that place is BIG! As a matter of fact, the main factory building is the biggest building (in volume) in the world!

Also, I’m around airplanes every day for my job so I don’t think I was as impressed as the rest of the group. I hear a lot of wows and ahs. Don’t get me wrong, that place is truly impressive and anyone visiting Washington should try to make it up there.

Fun fact: Aircrafts are green before being painted. The green coating is then removed before the aircraft is painted.


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