Tacoma, WA: Downtown

And so it keeps coming.

This whole area is right by the water and right next to the Museum of Glass. Tacoma is pretty interesting. I walked several blocks in downtown before I could find a corner store. Even the locals couldn’t tell me where I’d find a 7-Eleven or the like. Weird.


5 thoughts on “Tacoma, WA: Downtown

      • From what I can see based off of those pictures, Tacoma is the same as it was when I left…thing have changed, but buildings are the same. I moved to Nebraska in 2013, so last time I lived 5 miles outside of downtown Tacoma was May of 2013, but the last time I was in that area to visit friends and family was July of 2016.

    • Oui en effet. Petit hic ce mois-ci. Ma maman est venue me rendre visite aux USA, j’ai sinistré ma voiture, etc. Mois de fou en somme. J’ai posté ma photo à 5h du mat’ heure de chez moi (soit 14h heure française)… Merci pour ta fidélité!! 😉

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