The Oakland Temple…

It’s only taken me 6 months to post these pictures. I am not backlogged at all…

My former manager invited me to take some pictures of the LDS Temple in Oakland at Christmas. Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows I’ve parted ways with religion a long time ago. However, I definitely liked the experience of going to the temple and seeing it all lit up for the occasion. Coming from Belgium, you expect to see a bunch of pine trees. Well, here they decorate palm trees with tinsel.

My manager’s wife even helped me dig into my genealogy a bit, which is no small feat considering my ancestors are from Belgium and the records are pretty slim (and I’ve already gotten really far).

I want to thank them both for allowing me into what seems to be a big part of their life.

Interesting fact about the Oakland Temple: It is the only LDS temple built with a modern five-spire design and exhibits an Oriental motif. There are over 15 million Mormons in the world today. For the sake of comparison, there are about 1.27 billion Catholics and a total of 2.4 billion Christians worldwide.

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