If you live in the Bay Area, you’ve seen the cranes countless times across the San Francisco Bay. It’s almost like a trademark.

Now we can all debate their aesthetics, but one thing is for sure: They are part of the landscape. The cranes are quite impressive and the Port of Oakland became one of the most advanced in the world back in the 1960s when it became capable of accommodating container ships. It is now the fifth largest container port in the U.S. In 2002, the most recent major remodel of the port was completed. The construction made Oakland ready for  high volume cargo.

Next to the port is a pretty cool park full of shoreline birds. Great view, unusual setting. Just in case you feel like going there, it’s called Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. It’s not huge, but it’s interesting. I tried to use my ND filter on a couple shots. I need to go back with a different lens because it was still too bright for the 50mm.


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