United Airlines Family Day 2015…

…It’s like Red Bull -It gives you wings! 😉

I’m way behind on editing and posting photos. This series was taken at United Airlines Family 2015, which took place a month ago.

It’s the kind of event where you find yourself saying stuff like “It’s not every day that you get to see this kind of stuff” and then realize that you in fact do get to see this stuff every day. My job has taken me places most people don’t get to see. This is one of these places. I’m proud to say I get to service United Airlines and SFO every day. I drive on the tarmac next to the big iron birds. I do it on a daily basis, and I still get amazed every time.

The following series of pictures was taken at the SFO United base, which is one of United’s main hubs. We got to go into the two aircrafts that set up on the field, as well as eat from a bbq in the shape of an aircraft, see cool planes, see a car show, etc. Cool event!

Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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