NASA’s Moffett Field: shoot for the stars

I took these photos a while back but never posted them for some reason. They were taken at Moffett Field down in the Silicon Valley.

I tried going there before but didn’t know the trick to get into the NASA owned property. The trick is to tell the guy at the gate that you are there to visit the Moffett Field Museum, which I did. It’s mostly about how the field was owned first by the  military and then passed on to NASA. Not my type of museum at all, but it allowed me to walk around the hangar and learn a bunch of other stuff at the nearby P-3 Orion. That aircraft was known as a submarine hunter and flew out of Moffett Field, Naval Air Station in Sunnyvale, CA. The volunteer on board had been part of the crew when the plane was in service.

I’d really like to be able to see the hangar from the inside but they only ever opened that up to the public once. I missed it. It was last year. Hopefully, Google, which now manages the hangar space, will open it up again soon…

Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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