Long exposures by the Bay by day

I really wanted to try my new toy today… so I did. I bought myself a neutral density filter about two weeks ago and hadn’t had a chance to try it until today.

This is my first try so there is a lot to improve on, but I’m still somewhat satisfied for a first shot. It’s kind of hard to mess up a picture of the San Francisco Bay but still… You can see some moving boats in the background and, on one of them, you’ll see the dry-docks at Pier 70. One thing I’ll try to remember is to not go out in the middle of the day. I think the results are still better towards the end of the afternoon -just like for any other shots.

2 thoughts on “Long exposures by the Bay by day

  1. pas mal du tout. tu as la chance de n’être pas trop loin de la mer , pour ma part, mes filtres ND sont rangés trop souvent et la mer est bien trop loin…:)

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