URBEX: Casino Solvay aka Piscine du Mosq (again…)

I went back to Casino Solvay after sort of getting caught the first time. It is now almost completely destroyed.

Since the owners have stopped caring about the state of the building, it is now way too easy to enter. All projects of transforming the building into a mosque were given up. It’s a good thing for urban explorers. However, that means the building is also accessible to vandals. I think there might have been some vandals when we were there. One of them ended up with his foot covered in blood with a piece of glass stuck in it. I guess you can call that karma…

Anyway, here is what I was able to come back with. If you’d like to see my friend’s photos, please feel free to visit his blog.

6 thoughts on “URBEX: Casino Solvay aka Piscine du Mosq (again…)

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